GSoC (Final Report) - Update

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Demo Android app using BBBAndroid

Final Report:

Aim of the project: To develop demo Android applications for BeagleBone Black for all its supported interfaces and develop an Android HAL to support future development.

Code repositories:
1) bbbandroidHAL (link): This is the native C code library which can be used to develop Android Application for BeagleBone Black.
2) demoapps-bbbandroid (link): Demo application for BBBAndroid using bbbandroidHAL. It is just to demonstrate how one can develop android applications using bbbandroidHAL.

1) Videos (link): This playlist contains video demonstrations for all the demo apps (i.e. gpio, adc, pwm, i2c, spi, uart, can, usb).
2) Doxygen documentation for bbbandroidHAL (link).
3) Wiki for bbbnadroidHAL (link): This wiki also example codes along with function explanation.

Code completed in GSoC time Frame:
2) Demo android apps for GPIOADCPWMI2CSPIUARTCANUSB and for BACON cape.

I have tried to complete almost everything in the proposal, but there is always a chance of improvement. The HAL code and demo apps should help developers accelerate process of Android App development for beaglebone black. I would like to help anyone who wants to try out HAL or wants to develop his/her own Android app for beagle.

It was a great learning experience for me. I would like to thank my mentors Andrew Henderson and Anuj Deshpande for their support and guidance which made it possible for me to complete this project. I would also like to thank this wonderful beagleboard community for their support and Google for giving us this opportunity.

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